Wednesday, May 1, 2013

That Juice is CRAAAZY!!

This morning Steve and I made a juice from kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, kiwi, cucumber and apples.

The recipe stated that this juice was particularly good for liver-detox.

I don't know what exactly was going on with that juice, but it made me feel very strange.  Sort of light-headed, and dizzy.  I swear I could feel it doing something to my insides.

I called Steve and he said he felt strange too, kind of high.  Like he wanted to go run around.

I couldn't decide if i wanted to go out and conquer the world or just lie down.

Maybe it was all that extra LSD I added.

It did make me think of how potent plants are, even everyday salad greens that I tend to ignore.

My blood work came back.

My cholesterol is a little high, which doesn't surprise me.
My blood sugar is fine.

The biggest issue seems to be that I am very anemic.  This is not uncommon in women, and I have always been a bit anemic, but now it seems to be getting worse, so I need to start focusing on ingesting more iron-rich foods, like beans, dark, leafy greens, seaweed, and of course, blood.

Being an anemic vampire is really embarrassing. What will all the other vampires say?


  1. Hey Jocelyn!!
    "Craaazy juice"???!!! Excellent. I wanna feel that way what's your recipe?

  2. Yes, so it's from Kris Carr's book "Crazy, Sexy Kitchen", and the juice recipe is called "Sweet Greens"
    3 apples
    2 kiwis
    3 cucumbers
    5 kale leaves with stems
    8 romaine leaves
    1 1/2 cups dandelion greens

    Juice all ingredients. Drink. Go craaazy!!